Me and my dragon, part 2

Still chewing on this concept. Been brainstorming different things a person might do with different kinds of dragons.

If one had a swimming Nessie kind of dragon, one might hang out in the water all summer:

If it was a smallish, dog-kind of dragon, you might play fetch …

This one turned into a pterosaur because pterosaurs make such far out dragons. It’s holding a toy out to its disinterested master, trying to coax him into playing.

Then I went and looked at sculptures of skinny, snaky Chinese dragons. They were about the size of a horse, so you might do horse things with one.

I like the idea of it having horn-like spikes that it moves around like eyebrows. Like a four-legged cockatoo.

I’m slowly closing in on ideas I’d like to actually finish.

2 thoughts on “Me and my dragon, part 2

  1. Have you read the book “The Dragons are Singing Tonight”? It’s a kids book of poems, with some awesome illustrations. It might be a place to spark some ideas. If nothing else, if YOU, my dear dragon lover, don’t own that book, you NEED to get it. You would SO love it. I suggest hardcover because it is a keeper. (We own two copies–one is for my kids, but one is for ME and they are not allowed to touch it :P.)


  2. I like the sketch with the dragon and the little boys staring intently at him. That one makes a story come alive in my head. They are all good, I like the one swimming too.


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