Just me and my dragon, part 1

There’s a dragon club on deviantart having a contest. The theme is “Just me and my dragon.” The trouble is, pretty much all the entries so far look like this:

A human, usually a girl, with a dragon all coiled around her, friendly-like. (Mine is actually feeding the dragon, which is slightly different).

So I’m trying to think of something different. What kind of activities might you do if you and your dragon just hung out together? And I don’t mean flying, because person riding a flying dragon pics are a dime a dozen. At least pics with Temeraire, Laurence could be shown reading him a book, because that’s pretty much Temeraire’s favorite activity ever.

5 thoughts on “Just me and my dragon, part 1

  1. Well I was going to say that, I always really liked that picture but you could do it again. I liked that part in the book where they are waiting for the dragon egg to hatch. I will think of something I have never seen before.


  2. How about a human and a dragon hunting together? Or farming? Or building something? Have them working on a project that you wouldn’t normally see. Maybe they’re super heroes saving the day. Maybe they’re construction workers on a skyscraper. Maybe they’re forest rangers. Maybe their POWER Rangers. Think outside the box!


  3. Different, huh…

    Playing tennis?
    Dragon helping to cook dinner on a spit?
    Rosting marshmallows?
    Playing dress-up (imagine a two-year-old squeeing in delight as she puts a baby bonnet on a very paitent but disgruntled looking dragon)?
    Decorating a Christmas Tree? (standing atop the dragon to put the star on or something…)?
    Formal tea-time?
    playing video games?
    Playing Jenga?
    Terrorizing the villagers?

    I’m sure I can think of more…


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