Sketches and a heatwave

Just a few sketches I did last night in the last five minutes before writing time.

June and July weren’t too bad out here on the west coast. It’d get hot, then we’d have a cooling trend. Meanwhile, the rest of the country burned up in 110 degree weather.

Well, the heatwave has come west. Now while the rest of the country gets rain and early fall weather, Cali is baking in 110 degree weather. With monsoon moisture, so we have humidity that we’re not used to. This is our second week of it. It’s amazing how hot weather murders your creativity. I just want to sit and stare at the wall. Then I get depressed because I’m just sitting around.

But I can work through this. People survived the summertime in the old days before air conditioning! They slept between wet sheets on screened-in porches, they had kitchens separate from the house, and they spent weeks at the seaside.

Doesn’t sound like it was much fun then, either, come to think of it.


2 thoughts on “Sketches and a heatwave

  1. If I could live at the beach I would. This heat is killing me! I just sit around staring at the wall too. I look outside and just scowl and glare at the sun and it’s menacing heat.


  2. Oh I am so glad you mentioned that your creativity is gone too. It has just went out the window for me. I do too want to stare at the wall.
    I am also so tired of whining all of the time. I dread the electric bill. I am so glad you sketched some anyway.


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