Xironi portrait

I sat and worked on this Tuesday night instead of trying to write my quota. But my excuse was I was listening to a livecast with Pat Rothfuss, Jim Butcher, Emma Bull and Diana Rowland, all talking about urban fantasy. After listening to it very closely, I’ve discovered two things. First, Spacetime is totally urban fantasy. Second, I need to read more urban fantasy.

Also, I’m really happy with the way this portrait is coming. I’m trying to keep the masses simple, especially the eyes and the mouth.

4 thoughts on “Xironi portrait

  1. I think the hair is somewhat of a contributing factor to her looking older. I can’t exactly pin down why, though… perhaps because it has the same width even down to her shoulders, yet is supposed to be short hair? Hmm.

    I have to make mention of the arm, though. It feels awfully… stiff and weak, in its posing. I think that is due to both the relaxed hand (I just don’t see ‘creating magic!’ in the way it’s drawn. A bit too lax), and the shoulder-to-elbow connecting. For the latter, the arm just doesn’t look like it curves properly. Perhaps that’s due to it being unfinished, but better to note it now than later.

    The face, on the other hand, seems like it’ll come out just fine in the finished product. I suppose we’ll see!


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