Thinking in sketches

A lot of times, it helps me sort out story stuff if I can sit and doodle related things.

I’d like to do “updated” pics of all the Spacetime characters, and make them look like real people. I recently found the perfect model for Xironi, so here’s a sketch.

You get the idea.

My Sonic story’s coming along nicely. But it’s brought up some ideas I need to draw. The thing I miss about writing longhand was the great doodles I could make in the margins of peoples’ faces. Or of the odd things I was writing about in that paragraph.

One thing I ran into was Mephiles. He’s this evil shadow demon thingy from the Sonic 360 game. He steals Shadow’s shadow and takes Shadow’s form, then later it turns all crystally and eeevil. Well, my version of Shadow is half robot, so I realized I had no idea how that would look on Mephiles.

I imagined all the robot bits would turn to solid crystal. I think this deserves a proper pic to explore the visual properly.

Also it’s funny to see Shadow stalking along, all badass, and have Nox trotting along beside him all like, “Hi Shadow! It’s a nice day, isn’t it? Aren’t you glad to be alive?” And Shadow’s all like, “No. Shut up.”

3 thoughts on “Thinking in sketches

  1. I completely understand what you mean about having visuals to go along with my stories. Practically all my art is Zyearth related. XD

    I really like how you sketched Xironi. That’s pretty much exactly how I picture her, hair, face, ears and all. I kind of picture Carda looking like a smaller version of Joe… I don’t know why. Oh and with spiky hair. o_o I probably got that completely wrong, but eh. XD


  2. “The thing I miss about writing longhand was the great doodles I could make in the margins of peoples’ faces.”

    Really? I don’t think I’ve ever seen pictures of those. Have you uploaded them somewhere, as I’d love to see them.


    1. Heck no. That’d mean going through reams of notebook paper, looking at every page for a doodle. The really good ones I made into fanart later anyway, because I had to color them. You remember the one of crazy green Knuckles and Zephyer facing him down saying, “You shall not pass”? That was one of the doodles.


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