Here at our house

We’re having monsoon moisture out here on the west coast. Everywhere else they have hurricanes and tornadoes. In the valley in Cali, we might get a thunderstorm, if we’re lucky. Blame it on the mountains.

I was headed indoors out of the heat yesterday, when I noticed this cloud.

See the dragon?

You know it’s going to be hot when we’ve got dragons in the clouds.

Around here, the youngest came down with chicken pox while the older two caught nasty colds from swimming lessons. They’re also incubating the chicken pox. It’s like sitting on a time bomb.

So we’ve explored the entertainment value of My Little Ponies, Arthur, and Martha Speaks on Netflix Instant. I like PBS shows. They’re not so stupid that my brain melts out of my ears just from being in the same room.

So that’s been the last few weeks around here.


3 thoughts on “Here at our house

  1. Wow great update on your blog, how much would you charge to update mine like that? I like all of the drop down menus. Very nice.
    I also really liked the dragon in the clouds. Very nice. It is going to be a hot one today.
    I like the pictures of the kids watching TV what else can you do when you are waiting. šŸ™‚ Maybe they won’t get chicken pox.


  2. The babies!!!

    And yes PBS shows are good stuff, I LOVED Arthur given it’s loaded with anthros. I think most old shows were, along with bears, rabbits, etc.


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