These two things are alike

First of all, this is Dr. Robotnik from the classic Sonic games:

This is the website.

Do you see it?

How about now?

Do you see what I see?

Now you, too, will be forever warped whenever you visit


6 thoughts on “These two things are alike

  1. You have ruined barbeque grills for me. For _life._

    *laugh* Joking aside, that’s… an interesting correlation. I’m assuming this is something you found on your own?


    1. Yeah, every time I visit that site, I wonder why they have Robotnik on there. Then I realize it’s just a grill. 😀


  2. So what’s the conclusion? will make you scarily overweight with skinny legs, or will make you an evil genius? If it’s the latter I might have to visit more often.


  3. Oh mi gosh… *laughs* You are so right! And… wow… Instant bad guy decoy! This is great! In fact it’s so great that I may have to steal the concept for a rather fun but demented crossover fic, already in progress – is that okay by you?


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