Writing projects

Well, the August Camp Nanowrimo starts next week. I’ve decided that I’m going to use it to churn out my Sonic 360 adapt. My mind is still blown by how fast my July story came together. It’s like Nano is this crazy writers’ weapon, and if you can stick with it, you can blow massive chunks out of a writing project.

I’ve been trying to close loops in the meantime. Finish commissions, try to finish Spacetime 1’s fifth draft (ha!). The fifth draft is a fleshing out more than a rewrite. My critique group pointed out a logic flaw in one of the later chapters, that if followed through, means all my characters go on the run from the magic police.

Which is win and awesome. On the run from the magic police and STILL having to save the world!

I feel like I’m stuck in limbo between the Sonic characters and the Spacetime characters. If I’m not careful, they’ll have a crossover story. Which would be hilarious. “It’s not magic, it’s chaos power!”

I’m also modifying it into Deep Point Of View, which is great, because it forces me to show and not tell. And also dig deep into each character’s psyche in each scene. I’m learning lots of fun details, like Michelle is self-conscious about being a redhead and having so many freckles. Indal hates being seen as the spoiled rich kid. Rayne wants people to respect him, especially Inferna (the big bad), and Inferna doesn’t respect anybody. And Carda feels like he’s trapped in an ever-shrinking box of parental expectations, and his new magic powers exasperate that.

This draft is concentrating on getting Rayne’s subplot worked out. Next pass through will be figuring out what’s up with Alatha, Carda’s not-so-ex girlfriend.

On the Sonic side of things, I’ve learned that Silver isn’t just out to save his world–he’s out to avenge his parents, who were killed by the Flames of Disaster. Shadow is working with GUN against his will, with Nox tagging along, being annoyingly cheerful. Sonic is caught in a really awkward love triangle he never wanted.

Writing is so much fun!

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