Two commissions

Been working on two commissions. First, the dragon. I made some clean fill-ins of the main color masses, then added some basic shading. And also a background of a park. Because for some reason this is happening in a park in my mind.

Also worked on another commission, this one of a scene from an audio fanfic.

I love drawing the Sonic characters beating each other up. The trouble is, I have to bust out my Sonic action figures to see what they look like from such odd angles. Then I have to find pose reference.

So that’s what’s been going down.

9 thoughts on “Two commissions

  1. ‘Audio Fanfic’…? Wait, let me guess, ‘Letting Go of Hope’?

    Also, curiosity question: I seem to recall you saying that you wouldn’t do commissions involving canon characters. Did you change your mind on that?


    1. Yeah, it’s Letting Go of Hope. Why, does it have some kind of weird reputation? (The grammar certainly hurt my ears …). And yes, I decided that drawing canon characters for commission is all right. Especially since they’re always in totally fanon situations, or with fan characters.


  2. “Why, does it have some kind of weird reputation? ”

    Not as far as I know. I know about it through the SonicSong182 group. And my goodnes, if you have _any_ Sonic production that needs voice work, you’re nearly guaranteed to have someone from the group voicing a character. Not that it’s a bad thing; many of them do a superb job.

    Not a huge fan of the story, though. I really appreciate and see all the work that went into it, but… it’s got a few problems. Still, fun enough to listen to(and hey, they have outtakes!).


    1. Pauline: Well, it’d let him identify why kind of dragon it was. 🙂

      Cyphir: The voice work sounds really close to Sonic X. It’s funny, but I prefer the voice actors from the older games. Maybe not their acting, but the way they sound. I wonder if anybody would listen to my old dramas if I dumped them to youtube?


  3. Good dragon, sit…stay…no bow-tie for you…. *laughs*

    I’m sorry, that idea is stuck in my head now. I’ll try to behave. =F

    The park is lovely. You do such good trees. I’m taking notes. By the way, what is that dark patch on the dragons back between the wings? At first I thought it was maybe spikes or special scales but now I’m not sure it’s if fuzz or what. It’s got a texture that currently reminds me of tires and with the overworked state that my imagination is in … *points to the dragon* It’s a transformer! AHHHHH!

    Maybe I should go away now. =F

    But nice sonicverse sketch, too! Really like the way the expressions and postures reinforce each other here. Creates a strong mood. You’re so good at capturing a moment, telling a story… Almost wouldn’t need to listen to the original audio fic. But would, of course, listen to them if you chose to put them up somewhere. Actually, on that note… forgot to mention this earlier…

    Couple weeks ago, I downloaded all the radio drama episodes for Daylight Savings and Slave and the Darkness – plus the demo reels and the outtakes. Haven’t got a chance to listen to them all yet but was hoping to pick up some voice acting tips from doing so. Anyway. They’re all still here, on my computer – so if you should happen to need any extra backups, please just let me know. Would be happy to send ’em to ya.

    By the way… Would youtube be the best place to put audio fics, though? Or might something like blogtalkradio work better for this sort of project?

    Take care!


    1. Dora: The dragon actually has gears sticking out of it’s back, because it’s a time travel dragon. It has other clockwork bits on it that I haven’t added yet. I’m trying to find a quick way to draw gears that doesn’t involve drawing the angle on every gear’s tooth.

      Don’t worry about the radio drama files. They’re all still on the server under And I don’t want to host this girl’s fanfic because of its sheer size. Youtube works just fine for it. It’s called Letting Go of Hope and you could probably find it pretty easily, if you’re curious.


  4. “The voice work sounds really close to Sonic X. It’s funny, but I prefer the voice actors from the older games. Maybe not their acting, but the way they sound.”

    Sounds like Sonic X? You mean the voice work in Letting Go of Hope? I can see what you mean, looking at some like Tails(and especially with the presence of characters like Chris). Though, some of them I felt didn’t fit the characters… at all. Sonic, namely. Just not the right actor.

    Now, if you’re talking about the SonicSong group(might know them from the ‘Ask the Sonic Heroes’ videos), then it’s actually not as overwhelmingly ‘Sonic X-y’ as most productions. Several of the actors do a pretty awesome job on their own, actually. Shadow is really well-done, for instance. That, and the guy who does Vector beats out every canon voice the croc has had, in my opinion. Fantastic balance between colorful voice and believable sound(ex. Funnily enough, though, his acting in that clip is better than when he’s actually in the group productions… *shrug*

    Eesh, remind me not to ramble next time.

    “I wonder if anybody would listen to my old dramas if I dumped them to youtube?”

    You know, that’s somewhat tough. Somewhat unrelated, but as much as I love your Sonicverse, I have the hardest time ‘advertising’ it to people. After all, I can’t show them later stories due to too many references to past stories, but there are just so many previous stories, along with a noticeable… roughness in quality(I’m certain you know what I mean).
    Still, though, I was enthralled by the radio dramas without knowing a thing about your Sonicverse. They’re unique among fan productions due to their high-quality of acting, production, and storytelling. And by goodness, they’re fun! I’d put them up there, if not only for the access.


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