Featured and site stuff

Got up this morning to find I got a little feature article over at TSSZ. Nice! Some of the comments aren’t so nice, but you get trolls everywhere on the internets.

Also, I found some hacker stuff lingering around my website. Apparently it was getting in through an old forum install I’d forgotten was still around. That’s gone now. Also the script that ran the old site stuff is gone, too. There was no way to update it and I never felt it was very secure anyway.

The only things of value it contained were the radio dramas, the how to draw section, and my art gallery, all of which I can migrate to WordPress. Heck, I can dump the radio dramas to youtube. In all of their crummy fanmade glory, hee hee.


6 thoughts on “Featured and site stuff

  1. Congratulations on the feature! Noticed that, and was quite shocked. And– wait…

    “The only things of value it contained were the radio dramas,”

    WHAT? This means WAR. Prepare the cannons, raise the sails! And by all means, fire at _will._

    I noticed there’s really no way to access the site; will it be brought back up, or no? I know I saved many of the editorials, so I have back-ups in the case you might need them.


    1. I still have all the old site content on my hard drive, so nothing’s been lost. I’m just managing the way it’s displayed, and old, exploit-ridden scripts are not the best. WordPress can do everything under the sun, and I’m tinkering with it still.


  2. Yeah I wish I had read this first before I read the comment. I was so relieved Ryan said something. Is he still on Jury duty? Are you going to be able to come over tomorrow?


  3. Have said it before but I’ll say it again – am so glad this site is safe! *hugs the blog* Miss it when I can’t visit. Always find useful tips, interesting conversations, fun ideas and inspiration when I come here.

    Oh and congrats on being featured, even if some of the people commenting on this place don’t quite seem to know what they’re talking about. Never even heard of TSSZ before and am not sure I’ll ever visit them again. Don’t really like what I’ve seen of their approach. It strikes me as strange that theyd be able to feature you without even asking your permission or giving you any notice. that sends mixed signals – “we like you but we don’t actually want to take the time to get to know you.” Weird. Am not sure that qualifies as respect.


  4. Congratulations on the recognition! Seems all the negative comments were only made by one guy, so I’d say not only are you good enough to be recognized and have a bunch of people comment on it, but you’ve even gotten yourself a troll, which means you MUST be good. šŸ˜‰ Haters don’t bother talking about actually crappy things for too long, but this guy just doesn’t want to stop! I’d say that’s a testament to your skill. šŸ™‚


    1. SG: Hey, that’s the way to look at it! I discounted his comments, anyway. He’s probably a resident troll and says crap about everybody. The rest of the comments were very nice.


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