Commission sketch – time dragon

I’m prepping to do the commission I gave away at the beginning of the month. My commissioner has a neat-looking time-traveling dragon, so I did a couple of concepts.

This one is okay.

Just the dragon walking through an old-timey English village.

Then there’s this one.

Time traveling dragon vs. THE ELEVENTH DOCTOR!

I hope she picks this one. I might finish it even if she doesn’t. 😀

3 thoughts on “Commission sketch – time dragon

  1. Very neat. Did she say you could throw in other characters, or was adding in the Doctor your own choice?

    Also, your blog is now in this weird Russian format. “Beta fikirbozan” up at the top? Comments are ‘Yorum’? Not sure what’s up with that.


  2. I like both of them! The top one has a nice potential to be either mysterious and kinda forboding or to have people at the windows of the houses going “wow, look at that!”


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