Finishing up the lighthouse

I’m deciding to call it done for now. I’m starting to overwork it, and I like the way it looks now.


4 thoughts on “Finishing up the lighthouse

  1. Seriously, do you have a high resolution version of this? I’d love to print it out and hang it on my wall. It’s fantastic! Those clouds get me every time, and I love the texture of the rocks and grass. The lighthouse itself is awesome too. Simply gorgeous!


    1. Rachel: If you’d like a high quality lustre or matte print, you can buy one through DA. The highest price it charges is 23 bucks, and that’s for a 20×20 inch. And I’d get a couple of bucks kickback. 🙂


  2. I love it :). My favorite thing is the adoring way the dragon is looking at the little boy. It feels both curious and protective. And I really love how the the colors of the dragon and clouds are so similar. The detail in the whole thing is great! But those are my favorite parts :).


  3. Still beautiful. So many nice details coming together for this scene… the rocks, the clouds, the waves, the cozy lighting – as well as the sweet characters and the magnificent lighthouse…Kinda gives off a comforting vibe. Could just stare at this for a while.

    Makes me want to go and practice my art skills too, though. *sighs* Someday…


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