Independence Day

Yesterday we got together at my parents’ for some Forth of July fireworks and barbecue. A great time was had by all, except perhaps my youngest, who was terrified of fireworks.

This is my oldest brother. He doesn’t smoke–he bought the lighter back when X-men 2 came out, and he wanted a silver lighter just like Pyro’s. It came in handy for lighting fireworks.

This is my sister in law with the youngest member of the clan. He was unfazed by fireworks, but then they usually are until they’re about a year old.

Between my brother’s family and mine, we have three 5-year olds and two 3-year olds running around. Fortunately they were amused by tiny fireworks and the wading pool.

My Dad, my sister and her boyfriend, all doing kid-watching duty. And throwing monster snaps. I don’t know what they called monster snaps this year, but they’re little paper bags with gravel and some gunpowder, so they pop like a capgun when they hit the ground. They were a big hit.

So was the pool. The munchkins cried when they had to leave it to do fireworks. I sweetened the deal by passing out homemade ice cream.

Then my youngest was terrified by fireworks, and I had my hands full of her for the rest of the evening. Thus, no more pictures. But it was fun anyway. So many of our neighbors light off the big rockets that go up and explode in a big sphere (illegal in California), we just sat out in the driveway and watched the sky.


3 thoughts on “Independence Day

  1. I know the five year olds are busy guys but I don’t think there is an extra. 🙂 Your photos are lovely, they look so clear. Good pictures of B. and M.


  2. Am glad the holiday passed safely and that the camera seems to working better for you now. I sympathize with your little philosopher, am not much of a fan of the noisy explosives either.


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