Lighthouse background

Here’s how it’s coming along. Still rough, but starting to come together. I gave the dragon some love and it shows. Also I really dig the sky. I might open up some more areas in it to the left, because it’s such a huge dark mass.


4 thoughts on “Lighthouse background

  1. Beautiful. Hrm. You know, with the dragon being the color he is… it almost seems as if he could have descended, unnoticed, from these lovely clouds. Just an evening visitor, hoping that perhaps the person here can spare a fish or two. I like how your art always seems imply a story.

    Mr. Kinkade should be jealous.


  2. Aha… Wow… Guess I should maybe watch the news more often. =F Hope that his spirit has finally found the place that he’s been painting for so many others to see then.

    And as for this work, then… Net-san… it’s almost a tribute, yea? If we interpret the dragon as being symbolic of you and the fisherman as being symbolic of Mr. Kinkade… Beautiful.

    I don’t think he’d mind you taking that crown.

    P.S – Am glad this site is safe and sound. Was just plain disturbing to see the hostile messages instead of this blog.


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