Lighthouse tinkering

Got a few minutes to spare today, so I worked on this pic a bit more.

Ignore the lighting on the house. It’s wrong. Instead, look at the spiffy foam on the ocean. I was trying to do that fishnet pattern that foam always gets, but I couldn’t make it look right. So I started erasing big chunks of it, and it wound up being that messy, foamy look that restless water has when it’s been talking to the rocks.

Also realized my lighthouse was leaning to the right, so I tried to fix that. My lighthouse still looks like it’s some kind of Cake Wreck, but it’s getting there. My architecture skills are sadly lacking. The dragon and guy are going to get some love soon, too.


3 thoughts on “Lighthouse tinkering

  1. Why are you always so hard on yourself, Net-san? We understand that this is still a work in progress. And you’re allowed to change your mind. And mistakes are part of the learning process. And even for a work in progress that you see mistakes in and have changed your mind about, it’s wonderful. Seriously. It’s not only nice but frankly helpful to be able to sort of trace the thought processes here as we watch the art change, step by step. And the waves turned out great.

    Wish that my works in progress could look so good. Someday, I aspire to be able to express myself with your level of skill. That’s gonna take some serious hours. Wish me patience.


  2. Dora: Good luck! And study the craft from various instruction books, other painters, and the old masters. I’m constantly studying.


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