Kids in the pool

Yesterday, when we went to visit Grandma’s along with the cousins, Grandma had picked up a wading pool.

My three munchkins get to play with my brother’s four kids, so it’s quite a crowd. Also the water was cold.

Introducing the artillery.

Water wars ensued.

My youngest daughter fled the scene. When you can’t walk yet, big kids with water hoses can be very frightening.

Also, my sister have me a spiffy new camera to replace my old broken one. It takes spiffy pictures. I’m still learning how to use it, but I plan to get lots of practice.

3 thoughts on “Kids in the pool

  1. Aw man, I never got to play with heavy artillery when I was a kid. We just pretended that we were crocodiles. Or pirates. Maybe not the best way to make friends at a public pool. =F

    Probably was just as well that your young philosopher fled the scene. It’s hard for kids to be careful when battles are being fought and things are slippery. Does the youngest like playing in the water, though?


  2. Dora: The youngest loves water, and especially mud. But she has the sense to run from the big kids. She’s smart.


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