The munchkins

I’m merging my family blog into this one. No point in having two blogs and splitting my attention between them!

Anyway, here’s the munchkins.


Sitting at their table, busily building legos.

The archive of Carrolls All Year posts is available here.

The oldest munchkin is totally into Minecraft right now. He and I are debating the best way of building a zoo. He built one in creative mode so he can have a mooshroom. While I, working in survival mode, haven’t a hope of ever finding one in the wild. Just luring an ocelot back to my zoo will be hard enough. 🙂

2 thoughts on “The munchkins

  1. Ah. Legos. A timeless classic. Although the individual pieces can end up absolutely everywhere, if small hands are given half a chance.

    So… In minecraft… You have to sort fo lure and capture the animals in order to make them residents of your zoo? You don’t just build them as well? *has never played but is curious*


  2. Minecraft is a sandbox game with a fractally generated world. You make tools, break blocks, and collect resources to build better and better tools. Little square animals spawn all over the place. Cows, chickens, pigs and sheep spawn all over the world, along with cats and wolves in certain environments. (And the zombies come out at night, so you’d better have a place to hide once the sun goes down.)

    If you’re in Creative mode, you can spawn anything you want, but if you’re in Survival mode (and that’s what I usually play), if you want an animal, you have to go catch it.


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