Lighthouse progress

I’ve been working on this in short snippits of time. Here’s how it looks so far:

The lighthouse’s stripes aren’t working for me. I think it’ll have to go pure white. Some of my rocks are too uniform (you can count them, stack of five, stack of five, stack of five). So I need to break those up a bit more. But you can see the values coming up from the deep darks I started with. The darks reinforce the drawing, while the lights carry the color. It’s one of those quotes up there in the widget.

I think the guy and the dragon might be a little too understated. My thought was that the dragon is more of a sea-dragon type, with big fins, and he’s waiting for a fish for his dinner. But maybe I should make him bigger and more European. I don’t know. I like smaller, more approachable dragons.


3 thoughts on “Lighthouse progress

  1. The dragon and person are very understated, instead of completing the scene they sort of blend into it. From far away, the dragon could be mistaken for a sort of gravel driveway to the cottage… Just a greyish patch in the green.

    The lighthouse and sky are definitely what commands the attention here. The rocks do seem to be similar – but why is that a bad thing? Since they’re all in the same conditions, maybe the shapes develop in similar ways. *shrugs* Nature is full of patterns so – at least to my eyes – your rocks don’t look too unnatural. Also, I don’t think the stripes look too bad. But do whatever makes you happy, Net-san. You’ve had a LOT more practice than I have, so please continue to trust your instincts.


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