Lighthouse color blocking

I tinkered with colors and mood for my Kinkade-copycat pic.

Here’s a sort of sky painted in. I changed my mind halfway through, which is why it’s so many colors. Still working on that. The foreground is just all the dark colors that will give structure to the light colors later.

Here’s my main references:

A real lighthouse on the sort of cliff I’m trying to draw. Notice how the rocks are all worn into triangles. That’s why I’ve got so many triangles/pyramids in mine up there.

And here’s the Kinkade:

Lots of trees, a picturesque cottage (nowhere do I find real lighthouses with picturesque cottages attached to them), and a light in every window. One thing I notice with Kinkade’s paintings is his expert use of neutrals. You can’t have light without dark to set it off, right? His darks are very gray to set off the lights.

Of course, that’s also just good color management. So this is a fun exercise for me. I’m having a nice refresher course on painting and color theory. Time to break out Gurney’s Color and Light again …


5 thoughts on “Lighthouse color blocking

  1. very cool! I was just noticing today at sunset the peach color on the horizon, fading to almost white/blue or something then deepening into darker blue. I love sunsets, but haven’t quite got the grasp of it yet. It’s neat what you do with the digital art.


  2. *does an image search, on a whim* Wow. Uhm. So lighthouses with picturesque cottages attached do exist, anyway. Though it seems that the lighthouse isn’t always fully functional and is sometimes ctually shorter than the cottage. Weird.

    Meh, I like yours better. So far you’ve developed quite a peaceful scene. The colors in the images sky suggest either a sunset or a sunrise. And the water is so calm and still that the land almost seems to be suspended in the air…. And I am so scatter brained today, that my mind wanders off down a tangent and immediately wonders why no fictional flying islands that I’ve ever heard of had lighthouses on them. Hrm.


  3. Dora: Well, a lighthouse is to warn off ships from the rocks, and no ships are going to hit a floating island. Unless it’s an airship. 😀


  4. Net-san: Yea, true. Good point. But what if it wasn’t *originally* a flying island.. What if the lighthouse was there before the island took of?. Hrm. *adds this to her stack of possible fanfiction ideas*


    1. And now you have me thinking of The Islander by Nightwish. Look up the lyrics and see if it doesn’t give you Floating Island vibes.


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