Dragon house

This is how this pic came about.

Me: I’m going to draw.

Kids: What are you going to draw?

Me: A dragon.

Kids: Draw a house!

Me: How about this house?

Kids: Yeah!

Me: *sketches the house and adds a dragon*

Kids: Why is there a dragon?

Me: I told you I was going to draw a dragon.

Kids: Now make a cat running away!

Me: There. Cats are hard to draw without reference.

Now you know how oddball pictures like this come into being.

6 thoughts on “Dragon house

  1. Haha, very cute. Question is, is the cat running from the dragon or the house?

    Do your children often influence your art/give you ideas?


  2. Ever played the “squiggle game”? Let one of them draw a squiggle, then draw around it to turn it into something–a wavy line into a snake, a curly line into a cat’s tail, a circle into a big frog, etc. Maybe they’d find it fun, if they like watching their mom draw. ūüôā


  3. Cyphir: Not often as they’d like! If I just drew everything according to their whims, it’d be My Little Ponies all the time.

    Gwen: Nope, haven’t played that, but it sounds like something they’d enjoy.


  4. Well bless those little muses. =D

    Also: awww, poor dragon. This art reminds me of your drawing a while back, the scene in the forest with the knight where it kinda looked like they were playing hide and seek – only the dragon was too big to really hide. NOW you’ve got a dragon with a fairly decent hiding place maybe – but nobody to play with. Unless it’s actually the kittys turn to hide… Hrm.


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