Thinking of fun stuff

I’m thinking of holding a blog giveaway on here. The trouble is, I don’t know if enough people even read this thing to bother. I was thinking of offering a free commission as a prize to a random commenter, over the course of two weeks or so. What do you guys think? Would that be a good giveaway?

Speaking of which, here’s how my last commission turned out:

I’m still not real wild about the subject, but it came out kind of neat looking. πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “Thinking of fun stuff

  1. Heyy, fewer readers just means a higher chance that I get the prize. πŸ˜‰

    I think a free commission would be a fine prize! Especially since this is an art blog; it’s fitting! πŸ™‚


  2. Ooh, I do like that lighting. You always do well with lighting, and I particularly like the ferris wheel. Was it done just with brushes, or did you use any layer filters(color dodging, overlay, etc)? Also, perhaps it’s an odd thing to note, but I really like how you did Blaze’s shoes. Shaped well, and they came out quite nicely.

    But, I noticed something: as a ferris wheel, shouldn’t there be some metal rigging that’s seen? Maybe I’m wrong, but most types I’ve seen at least have a massive triangular support-post that leads to the center.

    As a final comment, I do think that the sides of the picture are a bit… hmm, void? It just seems like something else should be there. Whether that be other people/mobians, or even something like a shift in the guard rail design.

    In regards to a blog contest: I usually dislike these kinds of contests, as they can sometimes cause a lack of substance in comments(and commentators, at that). However, that said, if it’s an idea you think would be fun to do, go for it!


    1. The London Eye is so huge that instead of having support poles in the middle, it has cables. There is a support structure in the center there, but Sonic and Blaze cover it almost exactly. I eschewed the cables because they were almost invisible in my reference pictures. You’re right about the void on the sides, though. Maybe I’ll just crop it.


  3. Ewww, KISSING! Lol. Although the coloring and the background design are as cool as always.

    I think the giveaway is a cool idea.


  4. Giveaways are always fun and I think you doing a commission would be great, though I will say, since being your Mom I will let someone else win. πŸ™‚ Too bad though, I can think of a jillion things I would like you to draw for me or even more rug patterns. πŸ™‚


  5. Wai… You always do so much work on the light effects, Net-san. The commisson turned out very well – again, I admire your professionalism with handling the subject. The void on the sides isn’t too bad. Kinda allows the viewers eyes to be drawn in and focused where you want. Also notice the decorative holes in the wall are gone, think it was the right decision. They were distracting, the scene looks better without them.

    Hope the person recieving this art was happy with it!

    It’s your site, if you want to do a giveaway – enjoy. I think perhaps you have a lot of readers here but perhaps not too many that leave comments on a regular basis, the contest could be a way to try and find out. Please remove my name from the list of contender, though. Someone else should have a chance. I’m still admiring the art trade you gave me. =)


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