Sonic and Blaze color progress

I fooled with the colors and background tonight, and this is how it looks so far. I’m just messing with blocking in the colors and getting stuff the proper contrast. I don’t like the color of the wheel back there. I think I’m going to go more of a purple instead of the red-orange.

Also, see those clover-leaf holes in the wall behind them? Those are a PAIN. I just can’t get them looking right. They might just have to be round holes.

Otherwise, the only thing with shading is the sky. It was too bright for a while, and the wheel disappeared into it, contrast-wise. So I darkened it down. I might have to cheat on the wheel a bit. We’ll see.


One thought on “Sonic and Blaze color progress

  1. Wow. Looks as if you’ve spent some serious time on this. Much respect to you for making the ferris wheel work. *bows* The red on the wheel does stick out but I think that’s a good choice, you don’t want it to blend in with this lovely twilight sky – do you?

    Erm. Yea. The wall with the clover shaped holes is kinda distracting in this scene. Makes me think of lucky charms cereal. Maybe I’m just craving sugar, thou. =F I’ll go away now.


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