When you don’t like the subject

…you suck it up and draw it anyway.

Anyway, I got a commission to draw two Sonic characters kissing. Gag. Barf. You’d think I’d be over this, seeing as I’m married and all, but nope. Still have an aversion to the pairing wars.

Anyway, I did several pose sketches just to figure out how Sonic characters kiss in the first place. Oh yeah, they’re standing in front of the London Eye.

Eh. These kinds of pics are a dime a dozen on DA.

I tried for something a bit cuter.

I personally liked this one best, but my commissioner didn’t bite. Ah well.

I also tossed in the steamy closeup.


My commissioner preferred a refined version of the first one, so:

I spent all evening inking, which brings us to …

I discovered that Sonic and Blaze kissing was the least of my worries. Have you ever tried to draw a Ferris wheel? It’s mind-numbingly difficult. I’m going to have to dump a photo to Illustrator and trace every last line in vector to get it right. And THEN I have to make it light up, because this is supposed to be at night.

Good thing this is a commission, or I’d have thrown in the towel a week ago.

All this on top of Nanowrimo. I got my word quota in early to work on this. We’ll see if I can keep it up.


4 thoughts on “When you don’t like the subject

  1. That is how I feel about writing kissing scenes…

    At least you are doing a good job :). Thanks for sharing the sketches. I love seeing the stages of drawings. I tend to actually like the “sketchy” stage that comes before the final drawing of most drawings.


    1. Kat: How many kissing scenes are you writing in this new book, anyway? *wonders if Angel gets snogged, and if so, by whom*

      Writing them is one thing. Drawing them is another. What the heck do you do with their noses, anyway?


  2. In my opinion, writing is better, because then there’s at least a chance of a hopefully sensible explaination for what exactly possessed the characters involved. Still. You handle the subject well, Net-san. Admire your professionalism.

    Also: Ferris wheels. Argh. Empathy.


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