Because who isn’t talking about Nanowrimo? It’s National Novel Writer’s Month. Usually held in November, they’ve started a Summer Camp division.

Which makes a lot more sense to me. Summers are a lot less crazy than November with the holidays going on.

So far I’ve written a grand total of zero, which I mean to rectify this evening. I have two stories, one of which needs about three more chapters before being finished. The second is the “official story for Nano”, and I’ll be chipping away at it. I figure I’ll swap between the two stories when inspiration fails on one.

My best bet will be to leave both sets of characters in dire peril all the time. Which, of course, is the most fun. πŸ™‚

Got done for today and still had time for a bit of rough color sketching.


6 thoughts on “Nanowrimo

  1. NaNoWriMo. Yes. That’s awesome that you’re taking part in it. I’m assuming the ‘three-chapters-left’ story is related to the Space-Time world, yes?

    As for the other, how far into the plot have you thought? Just the basis and characters, or do you have an ending in mind? I struggle with getting stories off the ground, so I’m curious from where you’re starting.

    Best of luck, though, and press onward!


    1. For the new story, I made sure I spent a few days brainstorming ideas and writing a basic outline. I want to write a murder mystery, and you can’t write one of those by the seat of your pants. There has to be a murderer, a weapon, a motive, and an opportunity. It did take me a while to figure those out, but once I did, the rest fell into place. Now I can just write in all the detail stuff around the plot backbone. πŸ™‚

      Are you going to try Nano, or are you doing it?

      I’d like to get Spacetime published someday, so that’s what I’m focusing on. I finally pinned it down to 5 books in the Striders of Chronos series, and then side series with secondary characters. I’ll do a blog post on that later on.


  2. Hah, funnily enough, my first idea for a NaNo story was a murder-mystery that parodied all things Humphrey Bogart film noir.

    I did NaNoWriMo back in ’09(finished my first book then. 90k words!), and I loved it. Such a blast. I got to 12k words in NaNo ’11, but I just wasn’t connecting with the story or characters(maybe the fact that I had only thought up of the plot the night before was to blame. Maybe.). So it all just kind of went ‘blegh…’
    I’m not doing their Summer version, though. Well, unless you count the Emerald Madness script. Hmm… maybe I should go ahead and do that, as I’ve only got two episodes left to outline, and 13k words done so far. It’ll be good pressure to get it done, snippy.

    That sounds great. I’m interested in seeing what the final version of Spacetime looks like. Looking forward to that blog post.


  3. …this bottle is a sonic shade of blue, yes? The roughness suits it as well.

    Nanawrimo sounds like it would be a great name for a band. Or maybe an ice cream flavor. I’ve heard of this contest before but yeah… As much as I love writing… Guess I’m not very competitive about it. Not against other people, anyway. Have the most fun trying to outdo and surprise myself. Should get back to work on my stories though, hrm.

    Hope that you enjoy the challenge, Net-san! Yah, conflict creates interest – for the writers as well as the characters in the story and the audience.

    Thanks also for giving Cyphir your permission to adapt a story into a radio drama. I just got a microphone the other day, look forward to seeing if I can figure this out. Maybe I’ll be good enough to participate. Have any tips to share?


    1. Tips for voice acting? Make sure there’s no ambient noise, like fans, that your mic picks up. Also, don’t breathe on the mic. Those two things are the very hardest to clean up in production.

      And Nano’s not really a competition. More like a marathon. You’re all running together and you cheer each other on. πŸ™‚


  4. Thank you, I will keep those tips in mind.

    And you know… Sometimes even with cheering, a marathon seems like a long ways. =F But power to ya! I hope the journey is rewarding!


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