I have a toy of one of these little guys sitting on my desk right now. I did a bit of research on them to see how accurate my toy was.

I discovered a set of theories that the protoceratops is what inspired the griffin. Apparently, Roman and Greek mythology didn’t come up with the griffin. They borrowed it from Asia and Russia. The griffin was always considered to be a real creature, and thus less interesting than dragons or other more fantastic beasts.

Bird head with the body of a lion. Wings were added later because everything has wings in heraldry. But isn’t that interesting? I want to try to draw one of these guys and make them really griffin-like.

4 thoughts on “Protoceratops

  1. Netraptor,

    Firstly, I apologize for the unconventional method of communication. I couldn’t seem to find a contact email, and I wasn’t certain if the one on the website was up to date. I’m pretty certain that you have to review and approve comments before they show up, hence this. I had sent a PM via the forums, but I realize that you aren’t too active on it, and so, I wanted to make sure I got in contact with you. So, of course, feel free to trash this comment, as it doesn’t pertain to this post.

    Secondly, and my main reason: I’m not certain if you’d been following the conversation going on over at the forums about potentially adapting another of your stories into a radio drama. Namely, Emerald Madness. I’d love to see something like this done, and think it’d be a ton of fun. Of course, I realize you are plenty busy with your family. I’d be entirely fine with adapting the story to script-format and producing it, but before I do any major work, I wanted to ask for your permission and whether or not this is fine with you.

    Now, to be clear, this probably wouldn’t be a straight adaption. As I’m certain you’re familiar(with a self-appraisal any writer has), some parts of Emerald Madness are a bit… rougher than others. I would be aiming to edit some parts(some more than others). I think a good example are the Time Rippers in the story; they only are shown at the bookends of the story, and forgotten about in the middle section. Their first first appearance does little to contribute to the story, and at the finale, Robin seems to appear just out of convenience.

    I make mention of that, because I don’t know if things like that would be something that would either bother you, or you would like to directly know about beforehand. I’d be entirely up to discussing what I have in mind, if it worries you.

    In any case, I don’t want to make this seem more drastic or serious than it is. Honestly, I’ve just really enjoyed the past RD’s, and think a radio drama would be great fun for everybody. ‘Just wanted to check with you before going too far. Please feel free to contact me either on the forums, or via email.

    Apologies again for slapping this on your blog.

    PS: To not be entirely out-of-the-blue, I better at least comment on this post: I noticed how you seem to enjoy digging up cultural, historical, and physical facts of mythical/extinct beasts and the like. Dinosaurs in particular. Do you ever apply these to your stories, or is it just for fun?


    1. Your major questions have been answered in email. As to the mythical creatures and dinosaurs, I’m on a quest to draw dinosaurs as they might have looked. I distrust paleo-art because it all copies each other and changes with every new fad that comes along. So I’m looking at myths and things and trying to deduce if these are eyewitness accounts of living animals, and if so, how much of that old art is factual and how much is artistic license. It’s a fun little project.


  2. Hrm. Nice sketch. You always seem to have interesting things on your desk. Think I’d heard of the lore coming to Greece/Rome from the east before but after that… Griffins got all tangled up in religious symbolism and that kinda put me off the subject. So thanks for reminding me about the fun part. Yea, it’s an interesting theory to consider.


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