Western Sonic step by step

I’ve wanted to draw a Western-themed Sonic pic for a while. Deciding what to include was the tricky part.

Yesterday I had a pic idea flash through my head. I grabbed my mouse and scribbled it out.

But that wasn’t quite it, so I did this one next.

I liked that better. Whoever draws Sonic with a horse, anyway? And why would he need one when he runs so fast? That’s the hilarity of a western-themed Sonic game.

I got out my tablet and refined it a bit.

And with a sigh I went in search of some reference for a horse’s head at that angle.

I also looked up dusters. This makes my third pic this year of someone wearing a leather duster. They’re just so awesome!

It was getting late and I wanted something presentable, so I slapped some color on it and called it good.

But there’s a few things wrong with it, like Sonic’s arm and the positioning of his spikes. I’m going to refine it a little tonight. Also I want some kind of a bloom effect around the edges, like they’re standing in bright, hot sunlight. I’ll have to experiment.

3 thoughts on “Western Sonic step by step

  1. Beautiful work, Net-san. The horse is especially sweet. Sonic rocks though the white hat seems a bit awkward from this angle and the duster makes him seem a lot taller… and I never noticed that his eyelids were tawny before. Nice detail work.


    1. His eyelids were brown in the Dreamcast version of Sonic Adventure, so I got used to drawing them that way. Then they got changed to blue in later versions, so now I’m left drawing an obsolete Sonic version.


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