Walpa Gorge speedpaint

Just a speedpaint landscape tonight. I need to get back into the swing of painting regularly. This is Walpa Gorge, Australia, painted from this reference. I painted it in a high key, meaning lots of light colors and not many dark ones. It makes the shadows on the cliffs and on the path really pop out, doesn’t it?

I also kept in mind that “Shadows are not the same color, only darker. They are a different color.” So, reddish brown local color, and purple/blue shadows.


2 thoughts on “Walpa Gorge speedpaint

  1. So bright! *puts on sunglasses* Lovely, too. What a nice view to have in the morning. Did you find the process relaxing when you created this?

    The remark about shadows reminds me of what I’ve seen you do before with highlights – it’s not the same color as the object, it’s there for contrast.


  2. Very relaxing to paint! Especially all those saturated colors. It wouldn’t make a good picture to hang on the wall, but it was a fun exercise.


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