Painting a wall

Concept art for a story idea. Indal the werewolf is banished to about the 11th century AD in the American Southwest. The only people around at that time were the Anasazi, which he can’t interact with due to time travel issues. So he leaves a record of himself the way they did–with cave paintings. Alas, later people think that the werewolf is a bear. Indal’s art skills were never very good.


I have a toy of one of these little guys sitting on my desk right now. I did a bit of research on them to see how accurate my toy was.

I discovered a set of theories that the protoceratops is what inspired the griffin. Apparently, Roman and Greek mythology didn’t come up with the griffin. They borrowed it from Asia and Russia. The griffin was always considered to be a real creature, and thus less interesting than dragons or other more fantastic beasts.

Bird head with the body of a lion. Wings were added later because everything has wings in heraldry. But isn’t that interesting? I want to try to draw one of these guys and make them really griffin-like.

Western Sonic step by step

I’ve wanted to draw a Western-themed Sonic pic for a while. Deciding what to include was the tricky part.

Yesterday I had a pic idea flash through my head. I grabbed my mouse and scribbled it out.

But that wasn’t quite it, so I did this one next.

I liked that better. Whoever draws Sonic with a horse, anyway? And why would he need one when he runs so fast? That’s the hilarity of a western-themed Sonic game.

I got out my tablet and refined it a bit.

And with a sigh I went in search of some reference for a horse’s head at that angle.

I also looked up dusters. This makes my third pic this year of someone wearing a leather duster. They’re just so awesome!

It was getting late and I wanted something presentable, so I slapped some color on it and called it good.

But there’s a few things wrong with it, like Sonic’s arm and the positioning of his spikes. I’m going to refine it a little tonight. Also I want some kind of a bloom effect around the edges, like they’re standing in bright, hot sunlight. I’ll have to experiment.

Figure and emote sketches

Started out drawing some funny faces. Just trying to improve my expressions. The eyes and mouth are the only things that actually change, so no noses. Then I did some figure sketches to try to improve on that. Someday I’ll take life drawing and really peg this. For now, all I have are the stock pose galleries on DA.

Walpa Gorge speedpaint

Just a speedpaint landscape tonight. I need to get back into the swing of painting regularly. This is Walpa Gorge, Australia, painted from this reference. I painted it in a high key, meaning lots of light colors and not many dark ones. It makes the shadows on the cliffs and on the path really pop out, doesn’t it?

I also kept in mind that “Shadows are not the same color, only darker. They are a different color.” So, reddish brown local color, and purple/blue shadows.

Dragon species sketches

I dared plug in my tablet tonight … and it turned on!

So I seized the opportunity to sketch some stuff. A guy in my story critique group mentioned that he had dragons that looked like Jurassic Park raptors with wings. I’ve been drawing that for YEARS so I had to give it a go.

I tried to dragon them up a bit, along with a few sketches of his other dragon species. They do look quite interesting.