More vector dragon

Here’s how my vectory dragon is progressing. Doing big chunks of shading inside the lines is tricky. However, vector drawing makes scales and spikes easy! Draw a few, copy and paste over and over, and you’re done! I’m resizing spikes and scales a little as I go, so they don’t look too obviously copied.

It’s still very rough, but you can see where I’m trying to go with it. I don’t want it to immediately look like a vector pic. Those hard lines, though … those are what give it away.

One thought on “More vector dragon

  1. Wow… The shading… and all those speckles…and the spikes. Nice detail work! Amazing how much it adds to the characters expression. Also… You know, the dragon seems much smaller now. In the first roughs he was peering out from behind a tall tree, now he’s down among the trees… He’s shrunk. Makes him appear much more sleek and sneaky, overall.


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