Runaway dragon sketch

I’ve had a picture I’ve wanted to do for a while, but I’m gimped without my tablet. I wondered if I can make it look painty in Illustrator instead.

So here’s my crappy mouseart sketch.

A dragon running away from a sword-wielding knight of some sort.

Here’s the beginning vector trace:

My dragon started out green, then I put the trees in there and he vanished. So he’s orange now. I haven’t messed with the knight yet because the dragon gave me such fits. See that fold on the back of his knee on his near back leg? That took like fifteen minutes.

We’ll see if I can make this look as cool as it looks in my head. It definitely has promise at this point. Also, laugh at my crappy trees. They’ll be better later on. I just scribbled them in so I could see how the composition would go.

2 thoughts on “Runaway dragon sketch

  1. I think I am opposite most digital artists… I can’t use a tablet, nor can I even draw by hand. If I don’t have a mouse, I’m screwed.

    For someone who isn’t used to the mouse though, it’s looking good! Your dragon has some dino elements to him, which I like. For what it’s worth, your back leg fold looks good. XD


  2. *laughs* It looks like they’re playing hide and seek!

    Knight: Found you AGAIN!

    Poor giant orange dragon, there just aren’t many good hiding places for him… Like the trees, anyway. Very expressive at this stage.


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