Angelwing guitars

In the story I’m working on, one of the heroes has a guitar designed like angel wings. So I started trying to figure out what that might look like.

Google image search supplied these two basic ideas. First, the two symmetrical wings. Second, the single swan wing. I’m not sure which I like better. They’re both pretty sweet looking.

10 thoughts on “Angelwing guitars

  1. Cool. I think I like the symmetrical one better.

    I’ve tried finding images to help me draw the guitar in Finding Angel, but googling “dragon guitar” has brought up nothing even close to what is in my head. I suppose I’ll have to find a pic of a regular guitar that I think I can use as a base and go from there. Someday.


  2. That could work. But I was imagining more like a harp in the middle, where the strings come down and then the wings sprouting out on each side… So it’d be like an angel winged harp, in a way… And those circular bits at the top of the neck, that are used to tune the strinsg – are they called keys? – if done in goldish colors, could be like a stack of small halos…

    But hey, as always – it’s your art. Do whatever makes ya happy.


    1. Now, those are AWESOME. There used to be some neat angelwing ones, for some Japanese guitarist, but they seem to have fallen off the internets.


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