Sonic ponies with color

I did a sketch of the Sonic characters as ponies.

Then I threw some color at it.

It amuses me far more than it should.

9 thoughts on “Sonic ponies with color

  1. Hey! Great minds think alike! Kind of…

    Sketch for one of my fics:

    Although… Honestly… I’m not one hundred percent sure that I’ll include the scene in the fic – sketches have become like form of a rough draft for me, ideas change on the way to getting written down. But the fic is in progress and so far… It’s a touch hard to explain. But there are ponies based on Sonicverse characters and they are a blast to write.

    Out of curiousity… Is your pink pegasus a variation on Amy or Rogue? Probably Amy, huh? I just have… a different pony version of her running around in my head so… I wanted to check.

    Your Tails pony seems to be having the most fun.


    1. Yeah, it’s supposed to be Amy. Rouge looked more like Rarity in my head, so I didn’t bother drawing her. Also, that picture is hilarious. Sonic’s so big, though!


  2. *looks up Rarity* Oh… Huh. Guess I could see that. Didn’t know that the ponies already had their own jewel collector. Thanks for cluing me in! But you know… *points to your art above* You were clever enough to incorporate Sonics shoe colors into his tail… So this leads me to believe that creating a unique Rogue pony would prolly hinge on including traits from her standard outfit. And as interesting as Rarity looks… I’m kinda sold on the idea of a bat-winged pegasus. Will have to do some scribbling with that idea later.

    Meh. Sonic has pretty much always been portrayed as strong as a horse, yea? So figured that he might as well be big enough to take a passenger comfortably, in pony form. Not an idea that he’s thrilled with, as you can tell from the sketch but not exactly a new trend either.


    1. Yeah, the ponies do take riders sometimes. Usually Twilight takes Spike, but they carry all kinds of things on their backs. Also, I’d love to see you do a cutsy batwing pegasus pony.


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