Finished ponies

And here’s the finished My Little Ponies pic. So stinkin’ difficult and so cutesy. I can feel my teeth rotting just looking at it. So saccharine!

I need to go draw a dragon or something now.


8 thoughts on “Finished ponies

  1. Very cute, very accurate, and very teeth rotting. Excuse me while I go get fitted for dentures.

    Seriously though, good job, though your winged pony looks a little derpy. I will assume that’s on purpose though. XD


    1. Rachel: The gray pony’s name IS Derpy! She was one of those accidents in the background that the fans noticed, because of her eyes, and now she’s like the most popular character.


  2. Congrats! Nice scene. I admire the background as much as the characters wandering through it. The lone purple tree really stands out.

    Hope that you feel less sickened by sweetness soon, Net-san! Uhm. That reminds me. Did you know that the ponies are friends with a dragon? At least one dragon. And from what little I understand, he’s just as difficult and cutesy…


    1. You mean Spike? Yeah, I know about him. My daughter thinks Spike should be the main character. I asked her which pony we should buy, and she said, “Spike!”


  3. Spike? Really? Hrm. Shoulda guessed but am kinda dissapointed. Thought their dragon woulda been more creatively named. Oh well. This is what I get for helping a friend to collect the figures and more than watching the cartoon.

    Your daughter has excellent taste, at any rate.


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