Ponies are hard

I’ve been trying to draw ponies for the last couple of days. They’re maddeningly difficult. I finally caved and got this tutorial.

It showed me what I was doing wrong. These darn ponies still use the same joints as actual horses. Their legs! ARRGHHH!!!

This was the result of much sketching and erasing. I’m getting close, but it’s not ready for inking yet. I think I keep making their bodies a tad too long. Blarg. I’ll see if my commissioner gives it a pass.


2 thoughts on “Ponies are hard

  1. Wow, you are getting close! Stay with it! *nods sympathetically* Yea… The legs… and the cherubic proportions of the head… And the unreal density of the tails… and the fact that they have almost no neck anymore…

    I think I’ll just stick to writing them into crossover parody fics. Which is, by the way, ridiculous amounts of fun.


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