Dignity: gone

My subscription over on DA was about to expire. So I asked for someone to buy me a subscription in return for art. Basically a commission, payment in subscription.

One of the people who bought me a subscription asked for My Little Pony art.

Now, I liked Ponies when I was a kid (in the 80s, so I had, like, the first-gen ones). I didn’t like the second gen ones, and I’ve looked askance at the latest batch. But I’ve been amused that the show has gained the popularity it has.

So tonight, I got on Youtube and watched a few eps with the kids. They are now hopeless fans. I’m ashamed to admit that I enjoyed it quite a bit, myself. So afterward I loaded up the Ponies wiki and started trying to pin down the cartoon style.

Dignity: gone. If I ever had any to start with.

There’s also a contest going on in one of the dragon clubs on DA to draw an Easter or spring-themed dragon picture. So I cranked out something else saccharine.


2 thoughts on “Dignity: gone

  1. Hey, no need to worry! You’re in good company. And at least with ponies, there’s a decent chance that one of them is actually NAMED Dignity so… She’ll probably come back, eventually. Heh.


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