Robot sketches

Some concept sketches of Aesti tonight. So far he’s a cross between the Aestivalis robot from Nadesico (his namesake), and the robot suits from Section 8. He’s a powered robot suit that the pilot got killed in, and the computer recorded his soul over the AI. So he’s a giant robot suit dude with nobody inside. Totally anime, right?

Anyway, he’s a blast to write. No matter what the topic of conversation is, it always devolves into Aesti speculating as to whether he can blow stuff up. He’s also developing a crush on the heroine, which troubles him, since he’s, you know, dead and stuff. Character conflict!


One thought on “Robot sketches

  1. Wai… Haunted Mechas! Yay! Totally anime is correct, yah. Very interesting character types at any rate… I mean… I don’t even know all that much about Full Metal Alchemist but I like the way they use Alphonse to bring a dash of humor, tragedy and some serious philosophy to their story. And Mike from Those Who Hunt Elves currently ranks as one of my favorite manga characters of all time. And even outside of manga and anime, there’s Marvin from the Hitchikers Guide… I’m not sure if he’s officially haunted but he’s a paranoid android, so I’m inclined to include him. Anyway… *nods* I imagine this sort of character could be an absolute blast to write. Hard to ignore, as well. Have fun!


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