Mostly done

Well, it’s more or less done now. It’s to the point where I’m going to fool with it until I ruin it, and I’m ready to work on something else.

Also, the gun didn’t work until I painted it pink. Now it looks great. Hee.


4 thoughts on “Mostly done

  1. Amazing! Thank you for sharing this, it was interesting to see it develop. I’ve learned a few things along the way – especially in relation to using colors from the landscape as highlights when shading.

    Am glad that you know when to stop and move on, Net-san. That is an important skill. The cycle of editing and re-editing can be vicious. Hope that the person who recieves this finished work appreciates the talent and the hours that went into it.


  2. Dora: Glad you enjoyed the process! You remarked in another comment that I seem to be able to draw humans just fine. What I didn’t show you was the truckload of reference pics I used. If I have reference, I look a lot better than I am. I’ll even stoop to tracing if something’s not working right. I just don’t usually go on about my artistic cheating here on the blog. ūüėÄ


  3. If that’s all it takes to qualify as cheating then probably all artists cheat. For some reason this subject makes me want to quote Mr. Warhol so I’ll just say: “Art is anything you can get away with.”


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