Shading metal

I remembered how much I love shading metal tonight. After fiddling with the girl’s face, looking up skin tones, erasing stuff and redoing it over and over … switching to that robot arm was like pulling out a giant Snickers and eating the whole thing in three bites.

Airbrush. 8% opacity. Black. And stroke-stroke-stroke-stroke and it’s done and it looks FAB. (Don’t worry, the details aren’t done, just the general metal shading.)

Now I want to go draw some robots when I’m done with this. 😀

3 thoughts on “Shading metal

  1. Oh my gosh, I would not want to have a staring contest with this character… Eek. Way to capture the intense alertness. Hrm. The large gun seems kind of dull now next to the fabulous shiny arm. Which makes sense, I suppose. Probably made from different metals.

    You want to draw robots now? Will you be drawing any robot angels? *grins* YES, I’ve still got that cartoonish idea wandering around in my skull. Thank you very much for helping to put it there.


  2. Ooh, are you going to have any reflected light on the girl’s face or clothes? I find that to be really interesting and fun about shiny objects…because they sometimes become a second (mini) light source, depending on the angle! Although that makes it way more difficult to color, especially trying to figure out the angles… But it’s still really interesting!


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