New background colors

As it turns out, this character is running around on an alien planet. So I changed the background.

Also the girl wears a brown coat now, or she’d vanish into the background. Curse you volcanic rock for being so black!

Recently I got a note from someone on asking when I’d write something Sonic related again. I realized I haven’t written anything Sonicy in a couple of years, and it got me thinking. I have a little side plot thing that doesn’t really fit into any of the bigger plots I have planned. So why not make it into a short story?

I tried it out for size on the Short Story Outline, and it fits pretty well.

Short story outline:

Put a man up a tree

Throw rocks at him

Get him down.

Remember that one short story I wrote ages ago, about Metal Sonic hunting Sonic in this long, nerve-wracking pursuit until Sonic just about collapses, and they’re both journaling their progress? That story fits the short story outline, too. I just didn’t know it at the time.

So I’ve been re-reading my last couple of fanfics so I can wedge a short story into my continuity after Kitsune Chaos. I forgot how much I love all these characters and this world. I’d forgotten things, like Chaos Pearls and Mecha’s rune and Tails’s newfound illusion ability. And how messed up Shadow’s brain is. And how Sonic carries around silent anguish and nobody knows about it because he doesn’t talk about his feelings, ever. And how Tails adores Metal Sonic and Metal Sonic hates it, because he has too much blood on his hands to ever be friends with anyone.

So I read this stuff and think, man, no wonder people want me to go back there. I’m the only one who knows what happens next. Too bad I can’t ever publish it, seeing as it’s fanfic and all. But I just love it so much! I hope I can love Spacetime as much. I don’t know its characters quite as well, but I do like them a lot. They have lots of potential.


4 thoughts on “New background colors

  1. Wow… What a change! Hey you know, if it’s an alien planet then the volcanic rock can be any darn color you want. Have fun.

    Congrats on being reunited, in a sense, with characters and stories that you love. When you have so much respect for the characters… It shows and often adds to the quality and depth of the writing. So I do sincerely hope that your possible return to your fanfics will be an enjoyable experience, Net-san. Nourishment for the soul.


  2. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve always wondered what ever happened with Robo Knux and Talon’s evil android cousin who got crushed into pieces during Heart of a Chao. Robo Knux had been crushing on her and was last seen carting off with her remains. I always imagined he was going to try to rebuild her so she could be his lady-friend. Heheh.


    1. That was one of those details that never really made it into a fic. He’s tried and tried to repair her, but he doesn’t have Mecha’s smarts and was never able to do it. He has all of her bits stored carefully away in a hideout somewhere, though.


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