Character portrait commission

I recently took a commission of a lady’s character. The character is a wild west gunslinger type girl with cybernetic limbs, and a dog.

As soon as I read the description, I knew I had to include the dog. Dogs are a great element that are totally underused. It’s one reason I enjoyed Pournelle’s Starswarm so much, because Kip runs around on the alien planet with a pack of dogs to protect him from the alien life. It just makes sense!

Anyway, this was my first sketch.

I was requested to define the face a bit more, with slightly more anime bangs (fringe if you’re in the UK), a bulky cybernetic arm, and Asian features.

I also looked up leather dusters. The wrinkles in those suckers are giant, stiff zigzag things, and so gratifying to draw. They wore them in the days of horse transportation to keep dust from messing up their clothes. Hence the name ‘duster’.

This is as far as I got tonight because I wanted to get in some writing before bed, too. Next up–blocking in the background colors to get an idea of the light source.


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