Western Sonic sketch

My hubby and I were talking about the various settings Sonic has visited. To date, Sonic has been in:

An Arabian Nights storybook
King Arthur
A Werewolf
A space-age hoverboard-jockey
An alien wrangler
A time traveler

But one genre Sonic has never touched has been the western. We started talking about it, and it seems like the logical next step. I had to sketch out what the major Sonic characters might look like, done Western.

Not very clear, but loaded with possibilities!

Freakin’ weird ancient dragons

The guy at the s8int.com blog linked to the Penn Museum, which has recently opened up a vast archive of artifacts for internet searching. One of his favorite things to do is look at artifacts like dragons and try to pick out what ancient animal (or dinosaur) it might be based on.

I searched “dragon” and turned up this gorgeous bowl within a minute.


Kind of looks like one of these, doesn’t it? Not to mention being very pretty.

Then I ran across this trumpet.


I went, “Well, gee, that’s obviously an elephant. Look at the trunk. Why do they have it marked as ‘dragon’?”

It does have funky teeth instead of tusks, though. So I wondered if it might be an ambelodon.

But that’s not quite right. As I saw when I looked at one of the slightly different angles of the trumpet.

The sucker has fangs. It also has ears like a hippo, and little horns. I’m fully aware that it might all be artistic license, but if you were making an elephant, wouldn’t you include tusks instead of fangs?

I don’t know. This one stumped me. The more I stare at it, the more dragonish it looks. Do we know of any elephant or trunk-wearing animals that also have sharp teeth like that?