Well, it’s all done for now. I went back and forth on the rain effect. I drew it, erased it, drew chunks, erased pieces, put filters on and took them off, changed layer settings, and so on and so on. I finally went with a more subtle look. The shiny streets imply wetness and a few raindrops are enough to show what’s going on. The whole point of this picture is to understate absolutely everything.

One of my resolutions for this year was to draw and finish at least one picture per month this year. Last year I think I finished maybe five pics. This year, by gum, I’ll do twelve! All the pics! All of them!

I’m running out of February, so this pic got lots of attention. No idea what to draw for March. Maybe Sonic. Maybe a dragon. Maybe Sonic riding a dragon. 😀

2 thoughts on “Rainy

  1. Congrats on keeping your resolution! Seriously. your finished art looks like it should be a poster for a film.

    Hrm. March… We’ve got st. patricks, easter, clocks springing forward and a whole list of bizarre and/or obscure celebrations. (It’ll be national frozen food month! Yay! =F)

    But honestly, I’d rather see Sonic and a dragon. And I think – but correct me if I’m wrong – that you’d rather draw them. Although… You did already draw Sonic with a dragon for the new years. So maybe… It should be a sort of challenge for you… to develop and stretch this theme? Perhaps by doing other Sonic characters with a dragon for other months? I think Knuckles with a dragon would be kinda sweet to see – but that’s just my opinion.

    Do whatever makes ya happy, Net-san.


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