In the rain detail work

I was in the mood for little fiddly work tonight, so I messed with the details here.

It’s hard to convey things like the side of a face and heavy wrinkled fabric in a few abstract shapes. Also lost and found edges. There’s lots of lines that begin in one place, fade away, then reappear at the other end. Also varied line thickness. Also hard against soft (especially in the face). Actually I worked with a lot of those Harvey Dunn art tips up there in mind.

Also hands are horribly difficult. Thank goodness I can understate these and fudge them by making them really dark. And fingernails. My bane, fingernails …


2 thoughts on “In the rain detail work

  1. You’ve created an atmosphere of suspense with this one… I admire your ability to fiddle with and fudge details as needed. Someday I hope to have such amazing skill and patience.


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