Western Sonic sketch

My hubby and I were talking about the various settings Sonic has visited. To date, Sonic has been in:

An Arabian Nights storybook
King Arthur
A Werewolf
A space-age hoverboard-jockey
An alien wrangler
A time traveler

But one genre Sonic has never touched has been the western. We started talking about it, and it seems like the logical next step. I had to sketch out what the major Sonic characters might look like, done Western.

Not very clear, but loaded with possibilities!


One thought on “Western Sonic sketch

  1. Nice sketch! Although at least two of the items on your list – alien wrangler, in particular – have a very western feel to them. So while it may not have been the main setting there have perhaps been hints of the genre before… ?

    Out of curiousity… Have the Sonic-crew done a musical yet? Just wondering. There’s a fanfic idea lurking over here. I’ll try to ignore it.


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