Western Sonic sketch

My hubby and I were talking about the various settings Sonic has visited. To date, Sonic has been in:

An Arabian Nights storybook
King Arthur
A Werewolf
A space-age hoverboard-jockey
An alien wrangler
A time traveler

But one genre Sonic has never touched has been the western. We started talking about it, and it seems like the logical next step. I had to sketch out what the major Sonic characters might look like, done Western.

Not very clear, but loaded with possibilities!


1 thought on “Western Sonic sketch”

  1. Nice sketch! Although at least two of the items on your list – alien wrangler, in particular – have a very western feel to them. So while it may not have been the main setting there have perhaps been hints of the genre before… ?

    Out of curiousity… Have the Sonic-crew done a musical yet? Just wondering. There’s a fanfic idea lurking over here. I’ll try to ignore it.


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