Sketch trade

A rough sketch of the sketch trade I’m doing with Dora Mouse. She wanted me to draw her jabberwock dragony guy, so I took a crack at it this evening. He’s this far-out looking dragon with a vest, suitcoat and glasses.

I added a bowtie, because as the Doctor has told us, bowties are cool.

If this meets Dora’s approval, I’ll refine it and finish it up. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Sketch trade

  1. Wai…. Awesomeness! My cartoonish geeky jabberwock is all sophisticated-looking! *sniffles* They grow so fast. *stares for about a half hour, like a teary-eyed proud mama, then recovers a little*

    This is only the ROUGH DRAFT? Argh… I gotta become a better artist. But from where I sit Net-san, you don’t have to do a darn thing to this unless you want. You got the head, the wings, the tail and everything inbetween that’s more than I can usualy fit on one sheet of paper with this character. I KNEW you’d do amazing! You have a true gift for art and for this kinda subject, particularly. The bow tie is such a brilliant idea that I should be kicked for not thinking of it myself.

    About the shape of the mouth, since you asked… Well, from what little I humblely understand… Yea. Jabberwocks do have the round mouths with multi-jaws. Remember how dragons can be described as list of parts from other critters? Guess the traditional Jabberwock list of parts would include a leech or maybe an eel. One of those. Anyway. Doesn’t matter. Ignore me, you’re the artist and you’ve got the license. The picture looks absolutely incredible the way it is. (though I might be a smidge curious to see what kinda title you add to the book he’s go hold of…)

    Congrats, you’ve taken a classic and made it your own! =D

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go start over on all my Indal sketches. Because I want to do better for ya.


  2. I’ll see about fixing the mouth a bit, then. I just didn’t think he was quite as endearing with this round, puckered-up leech-mouth. I’ll get him all darkened and detailed and send him off to you. 🙂


  3. *shrugs* Character can be like kids and pets – sometimes ya love them all the more for their ‘imperfections’, right? That can be what defines ’em and so that’s how it is. Ya love someone, ya gotta let them be themselves. No worries but yah, Jabberwocks by their nature are not really into conformity. Thank you so much for your patience. Appreciate all the time you’ve spent on this art, Net-san. Hope that I can eventually do justice to your Indal. Will send the sketches your way as soon as I’m happy with them and have access to a scanner again.


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