Robot angel

Did a bit of figure sketching tonight. The model was wearing angel wings, for some reason, so I added those, too. And her arm just sort of became robotic. Something about the way the sketch looked.

Still writing and editing like fury. I did research on eldritch abominations today. Creepy stuff. I think Lovecraft must have been clinically depressed to think of all that. Also, he didn’t like ocean creatures like octopi or crustaceans very much, because all his monsters look like that.

Ever notice that people take the things they’re afraid of and make them monstrous so everybody else is afraid of them? Look at that bug scene in King Kong. That was Peter Jackson’s bug phobia expanded so it became everybody’s phobia.


4 thoughts on “Robot angel

  1. People take the things that they are afraid of – because it is easier to write what they know. Also, writing might be a path to healing and overcoming the fear for some. *shrugs*

    Nice sketch. I especially like the concept, the implications. Robot angels = robots have souls, right? Do robots have to die to become angels or does it work different for them? Hrm. There could be an entire semi-fictional universe just waiting to be explored in these ideas. Net-san, for better or worse, you always get me thinking.


  2. I was actually thinking of it from a completely different direction–an angel who had been injured and had robotic limbs implanted. But a robot that becomes an angel is also an interesting way to think of it.

    Great, now I have One Winged Angel going around in my head. XD


  3. Well, at least you aren’t stuck with this concept and a gently used stack of manga that includes titles like Dr. Slump. Be warned: it’s a hazardous combination. Unless you are trying to weird people out by muttering to yourself and chuckling quietly at random intervals for no apparent reason.

    The resulting comically hapless little robot angel now wandering around in my head got both wings – but it’s all depressed that it doesn’t have jet engines instead. And it wants to adjust the brightness of its halo but can’t find any program to do that with. Stuff like that. How did your mental robot angel end up with only one wing?


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