Flying dragons

Another pic I’m toying with as a potential cover submission. Three dragons flying, each getting progressively farther away. I’m figuring out their anatomy here. I’d like to give them tail fins, like Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon, only with fins all the way up to their bodies.

I remember having fights with my art teacher about pics like this. He maintained that since all the creatures were facing the same direction, they caused the viewer’s eye to fly off the left side or the right side of the painting. Because of eyepaths.

Then James Gurney started writing about what happens with Eye Tracking, which completely blows the traditional idea of eyepaths out the window. The eye is attracted to areas of high contrast, faces, and signs. The eye doesn’t follow an imaginary path through the painting at all.

So I’ll be daring and keep the eye in the painting with contrast and interesting shapes, and hang the eyepath.

2 thoughts on “Flying dragons

  1. Nice sketch. Hrm. Yea. Interesting. Guess this could be interpreted as three separate dragons, flying together or one single dragon, draw from three different distances. So thanks for the clarity. As for eyepaths… I’m no expert of course but I’ve never known anyones eyes to fall off while looking at artwork. =F


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