Girl and dragon, mostly done

Here’s the full picture, more or less finished. I’ll take a look at it tomorrow once my eyes are fresh and see what details I need to touch up. I can’t post this anywhere in case it winds up getting published. But a small, crappy preview image can’t hurt.

Here’s the dragon all by himself, looking awesome.

One thought on “Girl and dragon, mostly done

  1. Wow. Amazing. Erm. However… With the smirking dragon and the solemn lady looking down and the implied cliffedge… There’s just so much going on here, the picture almost pleads to be captioned. And so it wouldn’t seem terribly out of place if the words ‘wish you were here – but the dragon ate you, darn’ or ‘didn’t I tell you to watch your step?’ were added to this image in a suitable gothic font.


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