Golden dragon

Just worked on the dragon tonight. Modeling its forms and figuring out the lights and shadows. Also the color temperature of those lights and shadows. And also where the reflected highlights go. Have you ever tried to shade a yellow object? It’s not easy.

4 thoughts on “Golden dragon

  1. Despite your comment to the contrary… You almost make it seem easy, Net-san. Love the mild dragonish smirk, as if he’s trying to decide whether or not to startle the young lady. He didn’t just sneak up on her, did he? She does know that he’s there, right? Surely such a very wonderfully bright dragon couldn’t just sneak up on a person? But goodness, that little smirk sure seems to imply it.


  2. Dragons just smirk in general. They’re very smug beasts. This one has just developed a smirk, though. It started out looking regal. I don’t know what happened. 🙂


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