Dragon sketches

I volunteered to donate a dragon cover art pic to an online fantasy magazine, and they agreed to let me draw a dragon for them.

So I’ve been doodling concept ideas. Here’s what I have so far.

Dragon crawling down a rock. Might be okay, depending on the dragon’s coolness.

Dragon flying over pretty background. Eh.

Dragon and companion, probably a girl. For a more friendly dragon. With, like a castle in the background.

Three dragons flying formation, dragon head in the foreground. I think they’d need riders for this to be interesting enough.

Pointy dragon breathing fire. Eh. I don’t like dragons with their heads down.

I went and looked up DnD dragons for this one. Majestic, off-balance pose, mantling wings, and FIRE. Also the Jurassic Park soundtrack, which is very dragony.

Anyway, I think I’m on the right track, but I haven’t struck The One yet. You know, the book cover I’m going to draw the dragon and every single one of its scales.

Edit: Drew a bit more.

I like this one, but I’ll keep it for myself because those are my characters. I don’t want my characters getting all tangled up in copyright.

I think I’d like to make this one into a book cover. A mean, crocodile-like mama dragon with an egg. In a nest made of treasure. Wouldn’t that look neat, all kind of dark with light coming out of her snarly mouth?

2 thoughts on “Dragon sketches

  1. …it amazes me how much detail you can capture in just a few simple lines. And it amazes me even more to contemplate the additional amount of detail that will be applied to those lines before you deem the work finished.

    Nice concept art. While I’m not wholly surprised that the editor(s?) choose the sketch that they did… I favor some of the others more and agree that the mama in a dark cave guarding her sparkling nest would have been quite a sight to behold.


  2. I still might do the mama dragon, just for fun. I just love her baryonx-face. Ever since the Jurassic Park 3 spinosaurus, I’ve been partial to that lovely snarly muzzle.


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